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Are you looking for a Merchant Services Provider? Merchants' Choice Card Services LLC works with many types of organizations: financial institutions, chambers, nonprofits, and associations. Our partner programs are designed to provide cost-effective processing to your customers while maintaining low processing costs and still help your bottom line.

Member Relations

Your customers will not be sold, but educated. Most meetings are in excess of an hour and are typically in person. In spending that much time with your customers we can help them understand:
  • How they are currently being charged in comparison to us.
  • Various ways to process.
  • Set up time frame usually is within 2 business days. Terminal set up in person.
  • Our day-to-day contract with no early termination penalty.
  • Risks associated with taking credit cards.
  • How to read their statement.
  • PCI Compliance, what it is and other association regulations that apply to them.
  • What your financial has to offer!
All of this at no risk to you. As an example, we will offer to review any current business contracts the customer uses, in their business, to suggest possible changes that may enhance their ability to win a disputed claim.

Service and Support

Merchants' Choice Card Services LLC provides local service and support for your customers. The goal is to help our partners get new business while retaining existing customers. We keep you informed about the progress on referred accounts, and your staff is encouraged to participate in customers' appointments. Part of our process in speaking with your referrals is to ask if there are any other services your financial has that can help them with and if so, we contact your staff immediately.

Educational Seminars and Training

Merchants' Choice Card Services LLC offers educational seminars to your employees and customers. When your employees are educated, they feel comfortable talking about merchant services. When your customers are educated it is our hope that they will move all of their business to you!

We also encourage joint seminars with local chambers of commerce and business organizations. These seminars generate opportunities for you to get business from other financials.

Rates and Equipment Costs

It is our intention to be reasonably priced, but never be the reason for a customer to leave.


With Merchants' Choice Card Services LLC, you have no risk as we assume all liability. In return, the financial will receive a residual. We will not take advantage of the trust you have placed in us. If we detect a situation that could potentially put your assets in jeopardy you will be notified immediately.

Our contracts with your customers are day to day with no early termination fees. Your contract with us is also day to day. If Merchants' Choice Card Services LLC is doing a good job for you and your customers, we feel long-term contracts are not necessary.

Our rates are competitive, but we will do whatever we can to help you secure the total relationship.


We are a registered MSP/ISO of Elavon, Inc. Georgia [a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp, Minneapolis, MN and Woodforest National Bank (MCPS) in Houston, TX *Members FDIC. Currently, all of your customers will be signing contracts with one of these two processors.

Industry Comparison

Local customer service and support is something we pride ourselves in. Most processors in the industry can only provide phone support. Merchants' Choice Card Services LLC's call center is in Wisconsin.

Our statements are easy to read and all fees are labeled. We don't have monthly minimums or a contract term. We use terminals that are easy to program, not proprietary, and not password protected.  

In an industry that is known for its high turnover rate and low customer satisfaction, Merchants' Choice Card Services LLC has a 93% retention rate. The industry average is 34%!
Call our office at 
1-800-480-9143 and 
we can provide other financials that we work 
with as references.

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