Why Choose MCCS

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Build a Relationship With Us

You will not be sold, but educated by us. Most meetings are in excess of an hour and are typically in person. In spending that much time with you, we can help better understand what your business needs are:
  • How you are currently being charged in comparison to us.
  • Various ways to process.
  • Setup time frame is usually within 2 business days.
  • Terminal set up in person in most cases.
  • Our day to day contract with no early termination penalty.
  • Risks associated with taking credit cards.
  • Show you how to read your statement.
  • PCI Compliance, what it is and other association regulations that apply to you.
As an example, we will offer to review any current business contracts you have to suggest possible changes that may enhance your ability to win a disputed claim.

We want you to succeed!

Service and Support

Merchants' Choice Card Services LLC provides local service and support for your customers. Our goal is to help you grow your business. If our customer service can't help you over the phone, we will get a representative to your location. 

Rates and Equipment Costs

It is our intention to be reasonably priced. When our representatives sit down with you, they will look at your overall business and decide which setup is best for you. There is never just one rate or fee in our business.

We generally do not lease terminals to merchants because we feel there is not a need in most cases. Our terminals come with a one year warranty and if it goes down, we give you a free loaner.  


Our contract with you is day to day, and we feel we are your partner. If Merchants' Choice Card Services LLC is doing a good job for you, we feel long-term contracts are not necessary.

Industry Comparison

Local customer service and support is something we pride ourselves in. Most processors in the industry can only provide phone support. Merchants' Choice Card Services LLC's call center is in Wisconsin.

Our statements are easy to read and all fees are labeled. We don't have a monthly minimum or a contract term. We use terminals that are easy to program, not proprietary, and not password protected.

In an industry that is known for its high turnover rate and low customer satisfaction, Merchants' Choice Card Services LLC has a 93% retention rate. The industry average is 34%!
Your success is based on your knowledge.

 Our success is based on our ability to educate
Call 1-800-480-9143.

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