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Information for
Existing Merchants

Already a member of the Merchants’ Choice Card Services family of merchants? We appreciate you and can’t wait to see your business grow! Select your processor below to learn more about your existing account services. 

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Not sure which you belong to? Check your monthly statement for your merchant id number. All Elavon accounts start with 80******** , Paysafe accounts start with the following 4972…, 5428…, 7630…, 4431…, 3286…

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Welcome Elavon Merchant!


Whether this is your first-time accepting payments, or this is an old hat for you, we have you covered. Use to set up your equipment, configure your software and learn how to navigate your way with terminals. 

This website includes information on the following: 
•    Terminal installation guides 
•    Instructional terminal videos
•    Payment processing how-to and quick tips
•    Details surrounding our complete suite of payment processing solutions, including Converge and our Smart Poynt terminal and tablet solutions


Payments Insider 

All Elavon merchants have 24/7/365 quick and easy access to their statements, account management tools, product alerts and more of their processor’s web portal Payments Insider. Think of this as your online banking for your merchant services account!  

The interactive customer portal empowers customers to manage all aspects of their payments business. Payments Insider is secure, mobile-friendly and customized to deliver the critical information. From self-service account management, to quick access to statements and reports.

Here are some things to do in Payments Insider:
•    Easily review deposits and batches
•    View and download online statements
•    Manage users and locations
•    Access support materials instead of making a phone call

To register go to The following information is needed:
•    Your MID Number (80########)
•    The last 5 digits of your Business Checking Account Number
•    The email address used during boarding, which will also be your username. 
•    Only account owners or authorized signers will be able to self-register as their legal first and last name is required. Once registered, the account owner will be able to add other users.   

Elavon PCI Website

To do your PCI Compliance survey go to:, you will need your Merchant ID (MID). After you enter the details requested on the screen, you will be prompted to personalize your login details and provide an email address that we can use to communicate with you about your progress. 

Next, you will complete a short profile answering questions about how you accept payments and handle credit card information within your business. This info will then determine the type of Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) you will need to complete. 

Finally, once you have completed a compliant SAQ and scan (if applicable), you must then attest to your compliance to achieve PCI DSS validation. This SAQ lasts for one year. You will receive reminders throughout the year and notices letting you know you need to reassess. If you require a scan you will receive notices of either pass or fail after each scan. If you ever receive a failure notice you need to log in and address the issue to stay compliant. 

For questions, you can call the PCI Compliance provider directly at 1-855-750-0747.

This needs to be done within 90 days from when you open your account or you will not receive the PCI discount of $74.99 per month.


Welcome Paysafe Merchant! 


We know that there are a lot of options out there, and we’re honored that you’ve chosen Paysafe Payment Processing Solutions, LLC as your payments processor.

Whether you are newly boarded or about to open an account with Paysafe you will want to watch for their Welcome Email Series. These emails will help guide you through everything that is included with your account. 

iAccess - Making the Most of your Merchant Account
We appreciate your business and are so glad you’ve chosen us! With that being said, we want to make sure that you maximize all the benefits of your account with us.  iAccess works just like your online banking. Use the portal for account management, support, and much more.

Be sure to check out some or all these options through your personal iAccess online portal. It’s available 24/7 – always when it’s most convenient for you! 

Included in your account: 
•    Account Alerts - Activate text messages that tell you ASAP whenever you receive a deposit, experience a chargeback or process an ACH credit. 
•    Data Security - Use our software to test your systems for vulnerabilities and ensure you have the latest measures for securing payment information. 
•    Point-of-Purchase Marketing - Request free POP supplies from major card brands, including check presenters, register decals and digital icons. 
•    Transactions and Trends – Check your latest data to spot actionable details such as peak transaction times, preferred methods of payment or minimum and maximum ticket amounts. 
•    Manage Information – Control access to certain account details among your team members. With a few clicks, grant access to some areas and limit access to others. 
•    Customer Service, Technical Support, Installations & so much more! No matter what you need, we can help. 
•    Online Statements – Access your merchant account statements online

Paysafe PCI Website
THIS NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED WITHIN 90 DAYS of opening your new account. You should have received an instruction email from Paysafe. Please follow their step-by-step instructions to ensure you comply with the card brands. 


To do your PCI Compliance survey you will go to one of the below websites depending on how your account is setup. If you are unsure you can look at your monthly processing statement and select the link with the matching logo. 













To reach a PCI specialist directly, please call (877) 277-0998

Thank you for choosing Merchants' Choice Card Services LLC and Paysafe Payment Processing Solutions, LLC as your payment providers. Your business is highly valued. We remain committed to exceptional service and support. Thank you!

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