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Transform Your Business Success: Unleash the Power of Partnership with Merchants' Choice Card Services LLC! Are you ready to elevate your business to new heights? Join forces with Merchants' Choice Card Services LLC, the Merchant Services Provider that goes beyond transactions to create a thriving partnership. We seamlessly collaborate with financial institutions, chambers, nonprofits, and associations, offering bespoke partner programs designed to amplify your customers' experience and supercharge your bottom line.

Our team

Dedicated Service and Support:
•  Local Expertise: Our local service and support aim to help you acquire new business and retain existing customers. Your staff is encouraged to actively participate in customer appointments, fostering a collaborative partnership.

Trusted Processors and Industry Excellence:
•   Reputable Partners: As a registered MSP/ISO of Elavon, Inc. and Woodforest National Bank, your customers sign contracts with trusted processors, ensuring reliability and security.

Helping Merchants' with Card Processing

Irresistible Member Relations:
•  Education Over Sales: Our approach involves educating your customers, not just selling to them. With meetings exceeding an hour, we empower them with insights into current charges, processing methods, and the risks of credit cards.
•  Quick Setup, Total Transparency: Enjoy a swift in-person terminal setup within 2 business days. Our day-to-day contract with no early termination penalty ensures flexibility and transparency.
•  Comprehensive Understanding: From PCI Compliance to association regulations, we equip your customers with knowledge, ensuring they make informed decisions

Education customers

Educational Empowerment:
•  Knowledge is Key: We provide educational seminars for your employees and customers, empowering your team to confidently discuss merchant services. Joint seminars with local chambers and business organizations create additional business opportunities. 

Competitive Rates and Unmatched Service:
•  Competitive Pricing: Be assured of reasonable pricing without compromising on quality. Our goal is not just to secure transactions but to secure the total relationship, providing you with competitive rates.

dark credit cards

Exceptional Industry Standing:
•  Standout Customer Service: Our call center in Wisconsin ensures local, accessible, and exceptional customer service. With easy-to-read statements, no monthly minimums, and a remarkable retention rate of 93% (industry average: 34%), we set the standard in an industry known for turnover and dissatisfaction.

Seize the opportunity to transform your business landscape. Choose Merchants' Choice Card Services LLC for a partnership that propels you towards success. Elevate your business, amplify your profits, and thrive in a collaborative merchant services journey. Your success is our priority – partner with us and experience the difference!

Merchants' Choice
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