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Hotel & Hospitality 

Elevate Your Hotel Payment Experience

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Comprehensive Solutions for Hotels and Hospitality

Craft the Perfect Guest Experience

• Ensure your guests experience a seamless, five-star payment process from start to finish.
• Trust Tidal Commerce's longstanding commitment to excellence in hotel payment solutions.

Tailored Solutions for Modern Hotels

Save Money, Delight Guests
• Enhance your bottom line and exceed guest expectations with our hospitality payment solutions.
Flexible Payment Options
• Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, EMV/Chip, contactless payments, stripe, and more.
• Simplify the payment process for your guests, alleviating travel stress and enhancing satisfaction.

Empower Management Anytime, Anywhere

Stay in Control on the Go
• Monitor sales, inventory, and communicate with your staff seamlessly with our mobile app.
• Send reminders, issue refunds, create promotions, and remotely manage terminals with ease, all at your fingertips.

Innovate Your Hotel Experience

Reward Loyalty, Drive Growth
• Encourage repeat business and attract new guests with our loyalty program software.
• Accept online payments, manage reservations remotely, and cater to guest preferences effortlessly.

Seamless Integration, Immediate Impact

Your Time to Check-In is Now
• Partner with Merchants’ Choice Card Services LLC to streamline operations and elevate your guest experien
• Start saving money and delighting guests today with our comprehensive hotel payment solutions.

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