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Elevate Your Dining Experience
Tailored Solutions for Restaurants

Craft the perfect dining experience with our comprehensive restaurant payment processing solutions.

Circle Merchants' Choice

Right Tools for Every Task
•    Seamlessly handle payments at the table, online orders, curbside pickups, and more.
•    Save up to 27% on fees per meal with our custom pricing.
•    Manage multiple restaurant locations effortlessly with our intuitive web dashboard and mobile app.

Versatile Terminals
•    Choose from smart, wireless terminals or robust all-in-one solutions to suit your restaurant's needs.
•    Traditional terminals supported for reliability and convenience.

Streamlined POS Systems
•    Intuitive POS systems designed specifically for restaurants.
•    Easily manage inventory, daily specials, settle transactions, and more in seconds.


Seamless Integrations
•    Upgrade to EMV support without altering your POS system.
•    Integrate third-party apps effortlessly.
•    Maintain workflow with existing terminals.

Diverse Payment Options
•    Support various payment methods including Apple Pay, Google Pay, contactless payments, EMV/Chip, and more.


point of sale for restaurants

Reward Your Regulars, Grow Your Bottom Line

Loyalty Programs
•    Create unique loyalty programs to reward regular customers.
•    Track program effectiveness with aggregate reporting.

Built for Growth
•    Whether a single diner or a multi-location chain, we support your growth.
•    24/7/365 U.S.-based technical support ensures continuous assistance.

Gift Card

Gift Cards
•    Sell and transact gift cards in-store or online with ease.
•    Manage gift card balances directly from your terminal.

Balance sheet

Save Money, Grow Your Restaurant

Fast Deposits
•    Receive profits in days, not weeks.

Significant Savings
•    Switching to Merchants’ Choice saves an average of 32% or more on credit card transactions.
•    Receive a free Savings Report before signing up to outline potential savings.

Business Analytics
•    Access powerful analytics to optimize operations and drive growth.
•    Real-time sales data for informed decision-making.

Pay at the table

Feature Highlight: Pay At Table

Enhance the Dining Experience
• Pay At Table streamlines payments, reducing wait times and enhancing customer satisfaction.
Increase Tips
• Quicker checkouts lead to higher tip amounts.

Reduce Chargebacks
• Guests handle payments directly, minimizing liability.

Seamless Process
1. Server drops off bill and terminal.
2. Guest reviews bill and enters tip.
3. Guest pays using preferred method.
4. Guest signs receipt.
5. Guest leaves satisfied.
6. Server collects terminal.

24 hour support

Hassle-Free Setup

Keep Existing POS
• Integration with major POS systems including Micros and Aloha.

Upgrade Options
• Save money and enhance functionality with our restaurant-focused POS products.

Award-Winning Support
• 24/7/365 U.S.-based technical support for peace of mind.

Ready to Elevate Your Dining Experience?
• Contact our merchant specialists to explore integration options and deliver a rich, refreshing dining experience to your customers.

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